Caring for Your Boat in the Off-Season

Corey Lake Marina in Three Rivers, MI, offers quality boat winterization and storage services. A boat is a big investment that can bring great fun during the summer months. But it also needs to be properly cared for and maintained during the off season.

The cold winter weather can cause major issues with a boat, including cracked blocks, corrosion and many other problems that can be costly to repair. It will save you money in the long run to have your boat properly winterized by Corey Lake Marina before the snow starts to fall.

The boat experts at Corey Lake Marina will thoroughly inspect your boat inside and out for any issues, removing all stains, barnacles, dirt, and debris and correcting any problems with the engine, electrical system, or fuel system.

We’ll apply a fresh coat of wax and protect it with a high-quality, breathable cover. We’ll make sure your boat is safe during the winter months and ready for the water once the nice weather hits.

In addition to offering winterization services, we provide inside or outside storage for your boat. If you’ve got nowhere to go with your boat during the chilly weather, store it with us at Corey Lake Marina. We’ll ensure your boat is safe and weathers the winter months.

Contact us today at 269-244-5878 for more information about our boat winterization and storage services. For rates, please see our pricing brochure.