We’ve Got Everything You Need

At Corey Lake Marina in Three Rivers, MI, we want to make sure you’ve got everything you need to enjoy a day on the lake.

That’s why, after new management took over, we decided to add on a convenience store with a variety of items you might need to purchase at the last minute to ensure you’ve got everything to make everyone happy.

Our convenience store has a selection of food, drinks, and other snack items to fill your bags and coolers so you don’t have to make any unnecessary pit stops and interrupt your time on the water.

And what better way to end your day of fun than with ice cream! Our convenience store boasts a variety of ice cream options to cool you off and bring a smile to your face – the perfect end to a perfect day!

On vacation and new to the area? Have no fear. We have a plethora of tourist information that highlights all the great things the local area has to offer. We’ll keep you busy on and off the lake!

Contact us today at 269-244-5878 for more information about all that Corey Lake Marina has to offer.